Ryan White Program

Program Details

Ryan White is a federally-funded program to help people living with HIV/AIDS get access to high-quality health care. By providing services aimed at removing barriers to HIV care, we strive to ensure that people stay actively retained in care with the ultimate goal of viral suppression and overall good health. 

What is available? 

  1. Case Management
  2. AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP)
  3. Outpatient Medical Assistance
  4. Emergency Assistance
  5. Medical Transportation

Who is eligible? Individuals who: 

  1. Live in North Dakota
  2. Test Positive for HIV
  3. Meet Income Guidelines

2023 Financial Guidelines

Household SizeHousehold Income Threshold 
1 person$72,900
2 people$98,600
3 people$124,300
4 people$150,000

Program Enrollment

If you meet the enrollment guidelines, please call our office to set up an intake appointment. You may download, print and complete this form to bring to your appointment. 

Who was Ryan White?

The Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program was named for a young man diagnosed with AIDS following a blood transfusion in 1984. Though given six months to live, Ryan White would live until 1990, just months before Congress passed legislation bearing his name (Ryan White Comprehensive AIDS Resources Emergency [Care] Act. Who was Ryan White?

Ryan White Staff


Kjersti Hintz, RN, Ryan White Case Manager


NDHHS HIV Program 

HRSA Ryan White and Global HIV/AIDS Programs

HIV Testing

  1. Kjersti Hintz

  2. Public Health

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