Food and Beverage Regulations

Food Prepare
Bismarck’s Environmental Health Division license and inspects all food establishments located in Bismarck. “Food establishment” means an operation that stores, prepares, packages, serves, vends or otherwise provides food for human consumption. Food establishments typically include: restaurants, bakeries, bars, gas stations, discount/dollar stores, hotel/motels, temporary food setups and mobile food units. It is unlawful to operate a food establishment in Bismarck without food license.

Complaint Form

If you wish to file a food or beverage complaint, please use this complaint form

Submission of Plans

Whenever a food establishment is constructed, extensively remodeled, or an existing structure is converted to use as a food establishment, properly prepared plans and specifications for such construction, remodeling, or conversion must be submitted to the department for review and approval before construction, remodeling, or conversion is begun. The plans and specifications must indicate the intended menu, anticipated volume of food to be stored, prepared, and sold or served, proposed layout, arrangement, mechanical plans, and construction materials of work areas, and the types and models of proposed fixed equipment and facilities. The department shall approve the plans and specifications if they meet the requirements of this chapter. No food establishment may be constructed, extensively remodeled, or converted except in accordance with plans and specifications approved by the department.

A plan review by the department generally takes 7-10 days. After the review is conducted you will be notified if your submitted plans meet requirements or not.

Food and Beverage Service Establishment Requirements

Bismarck Food Code

Bismarck Food License Application

Food borne Information

Food borne illness facts: The attached link to the ND Department of Health provides information regarding food borne history in North Dakota. It also has helpful links to hand washing practices.
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