Tanning Facilities

Bismarck’s Environmental Health Division licenses and regulates Tanning Facilities within the City of Bismarck. 

“Tanning facility” means a place or business that provides individuals access to a tanning device.  Tanning facilities located in individual dwelling units for personal use are exempt from this chapter.

“Tanning device” means equipment that emits electromagnetic radiation having wavelengths in the air between two hundred and four hundred nanometers and which is used for tanning of human skin and any equipment used with that equipment, including food and drug administration-approved protective eyewear, timers, and handrails.  The term does not include a phototherapy device used by a physician.

No tanning facility may state in any advertising, written or verbal, that tanning is free of hazards from ultraviolet radiation or has any health benefits other than those recognized by a credible medical or scientific source.

Bismarck’s Tanning Ordinance

Bismarck’s Tanning License Application