Special Pet License

Bismarck residents that keep 4 or more cats or dogs (over the age of 6 months), or combination thereof are required by city ordinance to have a special pet license with the Environmental Health Division.

In reaching a decision to issue a special pet license, the Environmental Health Division may consider:

  • The size, age, breed and dispositions of the applicant's dogs and cats.
  • The location, size, facilities and proximity to neighbors of the applicant's residence.
  • The general health, welfare and safety of the citizens of Bismarck and the impact of the applicant's request.

Upon review of your special pet license application and materials, the applicant will be contacted to schedule an inspection of their residence. A special pet license will be issued only upon successfully passing inspection.

A special pet license may be revoked for the following reasons:

  • Dog(s) and/or cat(s) kept at the premises are habitually at large.
  • Offspring from the breeding of dogs and/or cats kept at the premises are habitually at large.
  • Noise or odors from premises are offensive or a nuisance.
  • Unsanitary or unhealthy conditions exist at the premises.
  • The dog(s) and/or cat(s) kept at the premises are unlicensed.
  • There are more than three unaltered dogs and/or cats at the premises.
  • The applicant has failed to redeem an impounded dog or cat kept under the special license.
  • The applicant has committed cruelty to animals as defined by Section 3-01-04 of Bismarck’s Code of Ordinances.

A special pet licensee may replace a dog or cat that has died or has been relocated, within the restrictions of the license. A licensee must inform the Environmental Health Division of any change in the animals covered by the license. An applicant wishing to increase the number of dogs and/or cats must reapply. 

Bismarck Special Pet Ordinance

Special Pet License Application