Body Art Establishment

Bismarck’s Environmental Health Division licenses and regulates all Body Art Establishments within the corporate limits of the City of Bismarck.

“Body Art” means the practice of physical body adornment by permitted establishments and operators using, but not limited to, the following techniques: body piercing, tattooing, cosmetic tattooing (including micro blading) aka permanent makeup, branding and scarification. This definition does not include practices that are considered medical procedures by the state board of medical examiners nor does this definition include piercing of the non-cartilaginous lobe of the ear with pre-sterilized single-use stud-and-clasp ear-piercing systems.

“Body Art Establishment” means any place or premise where the practices of body art, whether or not for profit.

No person, firm or corporation shall establish, operate, conduct, maintain or manage any establishment or place offering body art services without first obtaining a license to do so. Under no circumstances shall any person tattoo or body pierce a person under the age of 16.

Required Posted Notice must be conspicuously posted in body art establishments. 


Bismarck Body Art Ordinance

Bismarck Body Art License Application

Body Art Required Posted Notice

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