Street Light and Traffic Signal Maintenance


The City of Bismarck Street Light & Traffic Signal work group mission is to provide safe and efficient street lighting and traffic signal system operations for pedestrians and vehicular traffic in a timely and professional manner.

We are striving to achieve this goal by utilizing proven newer technology, implementing commonsense preventative maintenance plans and training our technicians on the latest methods for troubleshooting our systems.

A staff of eight employees repairs and maintains 110 traffic signals, 394 feed points, approximately 1,250 miles of underground conductor and 9,464 streetlights throughout the city.  Staff also work with numerous City of Bismarck departments doing electrical repairs and general maintenance to their facilities and equipment. This group is funded by revenue derived from a monthly city service fee collected from all residential and commercial property owners.


A staff of eight employees repair and maintain the following infrastructures:

  • 394 Feed Points
  • 110 Signalized Intersections
  • 24 Warning Sirens
  • 9,464  Whiteway Light Luminaries

Issue Reporting

Posting of Signs on Public Property Prohibited - this includes, but not limited to, street light and traffic signal poles, street name signs, traffic signs, and road signs.

To report a stop light (traffic signal) that is not functioning properly, please contact the Bismarck Public Works office at (701) 355-1700. 

To report a street light that is not functioning properly, please contact the Bismarck Public Works office at (701) 355-1700 or use the Report a Concern button on the left of this page to report the exact location of the malfunctioning street light.