Boulevard Tree Planting

Property owners may plant street trees by obtaining a Permit to Plant Trees on Public Street Right-of-Way from the Forestry Division. Permits are free of charge.

A forestry staff member will conduct an on-site inspection to determine where the trees can be placed, recommend species that are best suited for each site, and issue the permit. In most cases it is not necessary for the homeowner to be present. Placement of trees in the boulevard area must accommodate proper spacing between trees and minimum distances from: intersections, fire hydrants, street lights, overhead wires, driveways, mailboxes, street lights, and water service lines.

Call the Forestry Division at 701-355-1700 (option 3) or fill out the Boulevard Tree Planting Permit Request

Beginning April 1, 2022 the following species of the genus Acer (maple) planted on the boulevard will not be eligible for reimbursement through the Partners In Planting program (PIP).  

  • Freeman Maple (Autumnblaze, Sienna Glen, etc.)
  • Norway Maple (Deborah, Royal Red, etc.)
  • Red Maple (Northwood, Scarlet Jewel, etc.)
  • Sugar Maple (Fall Fiesta, Unity, etc.) 

Each year maple species trees are one of the Forestry Division’s top removals typically due to death or decline.  Reasons for death or decline of maple in Bismarck are due to intolerance of our alkaline soils as well as questionable hardiness in some areas of the City. Our desire for newly planted street trees is that they will grow to maturity and provide maximum benefits for years to come.  Currently, most maple trees do not provide the optimum desired outcome. 

Volunteer Planting Opportunities

If your group is interested in organizing a volunteer planting project, please contact the Forestry Division to discuss planting possibilities.