Traffic Section


The Traffic Section is commanded by Lieutenant Jeff Solemsaas and the section supervisor is Sgt. Tim Bleth. The Traffic Section coordinates the activities of six traffic officers, three animal wardens, and two car markers. The Section is responsible for:
  • Motor vehicle crash investigation
  • Parking enforcement
  • Traffic enforcement
  • Vehicle impounds
  • Anything else traffic-related

Collisions Must Be Reported

Motor vehicle crashes must be reported to the police if damage to both vehicles combined is $1,000 or more, or if someone is injured or killed. If the crash does not require a report, operators of both vehicles must exchange their names and insurance information. If you are unable to contact the property or vehicle owner, contact the Police Department at (701) 223-1212.

Leaving the Scene is a Criminal Offense

There were 3,562 reported motor vehicle crashes in Bismarck last year. Please help us lower that number. Remember, leaving the scene of an accident involving personal injury or property damage (or failing to contact the property owner) is a criminal offense! 
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