Crisis Negotiations Team

Negotiation Team

The Bismarck Police Department maintains a specially trained team of officers who respond on a call-out basis to incidents involving hostage situations, barricaded persons, and/or suicidal subjects. The team is commanded by Sgt. Darrin Heinert  There are five officers from the Bismarck Police Department assigned to the multi-jurisdictional Crisis Negotiation Team. These officers have all attended specialized training courses, instructed by the F.B.I., on negotiation techniques in hostage and crisis situations. They also attend periodic training sessions and seminars on negotiation topics.

Barricaded persons who resist by using, or threatening the use of firearms, explosives, or other weapons pose a serious threat to innocent persons in the vicinity of the incident. Such persons may seize hostages, which compounds the seriousness of the situation. In these situations, the safety of officers, hostages, and innocent persons is the primary objective of the department.


In hostage or crisis situations, the Crisis Negotiations Team works under the direction of the Incident Commander and the Special Incidents Unit, to initiate or assume communication with the suspect(s). The ultimate goal is to gain a successful resolution to the incident through the peaceful surrender of the suspect(s).