Compost, Wood Chips, Firewood & Saw Logs Sales

Finished Compost, Wood Chips, Firewood and Saw Logs are sold at the Bismarck Landfill when available.  See the Landfill Fee Schedule for pricing.  

Things To Know In Advance


  • The Bismarck Landfill is located at 2111 North 52nd Street.
  • Stop at the Scale House before and after loading.
  • Provide the Scale House operator with the load capacity of your unit used for hauling.
  • Purchaser must load the product being purchased themselves.
  • Firewood and saw logs must be cut by the purchaser.
  • The Bismarck Landfill staff will load product for a minimum fee of $65.00 per use and/or $65.00 per hour (arrangements must be made in advance, call 701-355-1700).
  • Commercial or bulk buyers contact the landfill for instructions. 
  • Several different wood chip options are available: wood chipped, single ground, and double ground.


Options For Disposal of Tree Debris

  • Branches and tree debris may be disposed of at the landfill.   See the Landfill Fee Schedule for pricing.
  • Branches may be left out for waste collection, but must be less than four feet long, and tied in bundles weighing less than 50 pounds.
  • Branches and tree debris (other than leaves) are not accepted at grass collection sites.