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Curb Stop Reporting Form

  1. The person completing this form must be the property owner or property manager.

    Eligibility of Water Service Lines: Water service lines connected to the public water main which serve residential properties with four living units or less, are charged a monthly fee to establish a Curb Stop Repair fund. Those properties that pay the monthly fee into the fund are eligible for reimbursement of costs according to established policies. 

  2. If you see water running out of the curb stop, please call City of Bismarck Public Works Utility Operations at (701) 355-1700 and select Option 4.

    For all other curb stop issues that you would like to report, please complete and submit the form below and we will contact you with additional information or plans for resolving the issue. 

  3. Select any/all option(s) below that apply to this property:*
  4. Repair Policy: The repair policy covers leak repairs to tapping saddle or corporation stop connection to the public water main, leak repairs of the curb stop inlet or outlet connection, the adjustment of curb boxes, and repair to operable service of the curb stop.  The direct cost of repairs including any surface restoration deemed necessary by the Director of Utility Operations are eligible.  Any repairs required due to damage caused by the homeowner or third parties are not eligible. 

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