Legislative Policy


Every two years, the Legislature meets in session for up to 80 days. Starting in January of each odd year, the Legislature reviews Bills, makes laws that affect local municipalities. 

Although the City does not create, vote on or decide the outcome of the Bills and policies. The City continues to provide local feedback to our local legislators during the session.  

When Legislative Bills are published through the State of North Dakota’s website, our City Administrator will keep track of the Bills and hearing date. The Administrator will gather info about the Bills that relate to or could potentially impact the City. His findings are brought before the City Commission with a recommendation for each to either support, oppose or monitor through the session. 

After receiving the Administrator’s direction, the Commission will then vote on their position for each Bill. The Administrator will then take the Commissioners’ input back to the Legislature and be the voice for the City.

In addition to taking an active role in the Legislature, the City Administrator provides the Commission an update at each City Commission Meeting until the session is completed at the end of April. These updates can be found in each meeting’s agenda packet. 

Additional Information