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Employee Communications Survey

  1. The City of Bismarck’s PIC is aiming to improve internal communication in our organization. Our first step is to determine the best way(s) in which to communicate with our employees.
  2. This simple (6) question survey will give us a great starting point on how we can begin to improve overall employee communication in organization. The survey is available to complete online or via paper copy, and we hope to reach as many employees as possible. Please complete one response per employee.
  3. Rate your awareness of the following City of Bismarck activities in reference to employee communication.
  4. If you have heard of Battle of the Badges, please select how.
  5. If you have heard of City Current, please select how.
  6. If you have heard of Public Works Day please select how.
  7. If you have heard of Title VI Training please select how.
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