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    Please complete the following information and we will get back to you with a confirmation date and time for the use of the safety trailer. The safety trailer must be prearranged and approved. Please allow at least 2 weeks for processing and arranging your request.

    Firefighters will educate children how to climb out a window in case of an emergency, touch a warm door and learn what to say when calling 911.

    The safety trailer tour takes about an hour, depending on the age group. We ask that groups are limited to 20 or fewer (adults and children) because of seating space in the trailer. We request one adult for every five children going thought the trailer, because of limited space and safety reasons. Groups will be taken one after another. We will check to make sure the trailer is available and then get back to you. Night tours are also available if time permits.

    October is fire prevention week. The trailer is used at selected schools for third grade students.

    Schools and businesses must provide a reasonably flat surface and adequate parking space for the truck and trailer as well as walking space around the trailer for the children and adults. Space must also be provided for parking of the fire truck to insure a reasonable response time for the firefighters in the event of an emergency. The trailer should be located in the distance of 20-25 feet from an electrical power source. The Bismarck Fire Department can provide a generator in the case that an electrical power source is unavailable.

    The safety trailer may be used for any event throughout the year and is used in October for Bismarck schools, third grade students on a first come, first service bases.

    The Bismarck Fire Department's goal is to educate adults and students on what to do in the event of an emergency. Scheduled dates may be cancelled due to inclement weather conditions.

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  3. Thank you for choosing the Bismarck Fire Department for your tour. We appreciate you visiting our website.
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