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Humanitarian Award Nomination Form

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  2. Human Relations Committee
    Humanitarian Award Nomination Form
  3. The Bismarck Human Relations Committee is seeking an individual, business or non-profit organization that has exhibited leadership in the area of human rights. We want to recognize people that educate, identify, protect and promote personal dignity with a focus on eliminating discriminatory barriers that would prevent people from reaching their full human potential.
  4. Please tell us about your chosen nominee. Specifically, how the nominee demonstrates leadership and helps to educate others in the areas of human rights. Please attach a separate document if you require additional space other than what is provided.
  5. Printed Nominations Can Also Be Mailed To:
  6. City of Bismarck
  7. Administration Department
  8. 221 N. 5th Street
  9. Bismarck, ND 58501
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