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1. After I have the drywall finished, do I have to have an inspection before I start the taping and texturing?
2. Do I need a certain amount of headroom when installing stairs into the basement?
3. At what height are the handrails required to be at in a residential house?
4. Do I have to sheet rock under my stairs, with a finished basement?
5. What is the riser height and tread depth requirements in residential properties?
6. What is the required separation between an attached garage and the house?
7. Is there a minimum temperature requirement in a residence?
8. What is the required drainage away from the foundation of my house?
9. What is the required anchoring system for an accessory building?
10. What are the requirements for egress windows in full basements?
11. What are the requirements for egress windows on the main floor?
12. What size do window well openings need to be?
13. Do I need a ladder in my window well?
14. Do I need a guard rail on my deck, porch, or balcony?
15. Do I need an address on my house?
16. What information I need to submit if I want to install a drainfield or add on to an existing drainfield?
17. Does my shed have to be on concrete?
18. What happens if I do work without a permit?
19. Can a “Temporary” Certificate of Occupancy be issued?
20. What is the required frost depth?
21. What is the ground snow load?
22. What is the wind load?
23. What is the soil bearing load?
24. What is the Exposure Rating?
25. What is the Seismic Zone?
26. Is Ice Protection Required?
27. When was the requirement for Ice Protection adopted?
28. How long does it take to get a permit?