I believe tree roots are clogging my sewer pipes. What can I do?

The intrusion of tree roots into sewer lines is seldom the fault of the tree and indicates cracks and leaks in the lines themselves.  Roots grow where conditions allow, defects in the line can release oxygen and moisture that the roots will find, but the roots themselves do not break pipes.  When roots are found to be growing pipes seasonal treatment with a root-inhibiting compound such as copper sulfate can help reduce or resolve the problem.  In some case the pipes may need to be professionally cleaned. 

The best solution is to repair or replace the defective sewer line. Repeated blockage indicates that the line is collapsed or badly damaged. Many plumbers or sewer cleaning services have cameras that can inspect the line to determine the nature and extent of the problem. This can be a great assistance in planning the most cost effective repairs to the service line.

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