Sidewalks & Driveways


The Engineering Department oversees the construction of curbs, sidewalks, and driveway aprons (the part of the driveway connected to the street). This includes the widening of existing driveway aprons. Also included is the construction of handicap accessible ramps at all intersections where roads are being rehabilitated, as mandated by federal requirements. The department also coordinates with the Park District and the North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) for multi-use trail projects. For any questions relating to driveways and sidewalks, please contact the Engineering Department at 701 355-1505.

Frequently Asked Questions

Clearing Snow And Ice On City Sidewalks

City residents are reminded to clean all snow and ice from their sidewalk including the crosswalk of corner lots. City Ordinance requires property owners to remove all snow and ice from their sidewalk within 24 hours of the snowfall. If it is not removed it may be removed by the City and the cost charged to the property owner. To report problems with snow or ice on public sidewalks, contact the City Engineering Department at 701 355-1505.

Policy for Downtown Events Utilizing Public Sidewalks in the Central Business District

The following guidelines are offered for a policy to control the use of public sidewalks in the downtown (Central Business District) area except for events like Street Fair, Folkfest and Crazy Days:

  • No product may be sold during the event. Items may be given away free of charge.
  • Two parking spaces may be reserved for the event.
  • The event sponsor must provide trash containers and disposal and clean up after the event.
  • No banners or signs may be affixed to city fixtures such as sign poles, traffic signal standards, street light poles, or trees.
  • No unauthorized street or sidewalk closure may occur.
  • Clear passageway must be maintained on sidewalks at all times (6’ minimum).
  • Food events must meet all city health codes.
  • Events may only be held once per calendar year.
  • Written request for an event must be submitted to the City 10 business days prior to the event.