Permits for Work in Rights of Way

Permits for Work in Rights of Way

A permit is required for anyone needing to perform work within city rights of way. The right of way is considered the area between the front property line on one side of the street to the front property line on the other side of the street. This area includes the street, the sidewalk, and the boulevard. The intended work must be performed by a city-approved licensed & bonded contractor. The type of permit needed will depend on the type of work being done. Permits may be taken out at the Engineering Department Office located at 221 N. 5th Street, 2nd floor or online through the City's e-TRAKiT online permit application program.

Types of Rights of Way Permits

  • Approach and Culvert Permit - Required for constructing an approach or culvert within the rights of way
  • Concrete Permit – Required for constructing sidewalks, or repairing curbs or driveway aprons within the rights of way
  • Excavation Permit – Required for any digging or trenching in the rights of way, as well as for connections to city services on public or private property
  • Grading Permit – Required when moving earth in the rights of way for elevation and soil compaction control
  • Land Disturbance Permit – (also called city storm water permit) Required for any grading activity for erosion control

Licensed & Bonded Contractors

Excavating Contractor's Packet, Data Form & Traffic Control Fees