School Resource Officers (SROs)

School Resource Officer Program

The Bismarck Police Department’s School Resource Officer (SRO) Program started in 2001 with two officers. There are currently eight SROs assigned to the Bismarck School System.

SRO’s are assigned to a specific school and provide a wide variety of non-traditional police services to community youth, educators, and parents. School Resource Officers build positive rapport among students by being visible and accessible to student bodies, initiating interactions, and serving as strong role models. The position requires flexibility, time management, multi-tasking skills and well developed interpersonal and de-escalation skills.

School Resource Officers
SRO Brett Anderson 701-355-1896
SRO Josh Brown 701-355-1995
SRO Preston McKay 701-355-1896
SRO Karin McNamee 701-355-1896
SRO Scarlett Vetter 701-355-1929
SRO Trevor Schmidt 701-355-1996
SRO Jesse Hellman
SRO Erik Johnson


The goals of the School Resource Officer Program are:
• To promote public safety and respect for people and property
• Increase positive attitudes towards law enforcement
• Teach students about crime prevention and avoiding victimization
• Reduce crime by helping students formulate an awareness of rules, authority, and justice


The duties of the School Resource Officers are:
• Provide educational presentations to school staff, students, and parents
• Conduct prevention/deterrence activities in school buildings, school parking lots, extra-curricular activities, and neighborhoods immediately surrounding schools
• Assist school administrators to investigate non-law enforcement incidents that may result in disciplinary actions or proceedings
• Coordinate K-9 searches
• Enforce local, state, and federal laws to provide students, staff, and residents with safe learning and living environments.

Examples of laws enforced are:
    o Disorderly Conduct
    o Alcohol and Tobacco Violations
    o Assaults
    o Possession of Controlled Substances
    o Traffic Violations
    o Gang Issues
    o Runaway
    o Truancy