Prevention, Diversion, Crisis Intervention


One of the main goals of Police Youth Bureau is to prevent youth citations and involvement of youth in the juvenile justice system. There are a number of different methods that we use to achieve this. School presentations, evidence based classes, summer outings and events are a number of the ways we utilize to prevent youth from getting into trouble.

Parents have the option to open a parent referral if they feel that their youth is at-risk to come into contact with law enforcement due to their attitude or behaviors. This option can be explored by contacting a Youth Worker at (701) 355-1896.

Schools also have the option to request the assistance of a Youth Worker to provide early intervention.


The Police Youth Bureau receives referrals from Juvenile Court to hold youth accountable for their actions without having to go through court involvement. Youth Workers use an individualized approach for each case to determine consequences and the most appropriate recommendations for services.

Crisis Intervention

The Police Youth Bureau is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist law enforcement with juvenile matters.

Call (701) 223-1212.