Police Youth Bureau

About Us

The mission of the Police Youth Bureau (PYB) is to educate, support, and divert at-risk youth ages 7-17 in our community for the juvenile justice system through referrals from schools, parents, law enforcement and community partners. We aim to provide a continuum of services that instill a sense of responsibility for their actions and provide a positive direction for their future. We achieve this through innovative programming that includes: evidence based education, offender accountability, individualized attention and development of competencies and skills.

The Police Youth Bureau was established in 1975. It consists of six civilian Youth Workers, six School Resource Officers, an Office Assistant and is commanded by a Police Lieutenant.

PYB has been recognized by the Office of Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Prevention, the International Association of Chiefs of Police and the International Law Enforcement Accreditation as an Exemplary Police/Youth Program.

We are a vital step in the Juvenile Justice System that tries to hold youth accountable for their actions without Court involvement. We act as liaisons to schools in Bismarck and are part of community committees dealing with youth.