Political Signs

Political Signs 

Code of Ordinances Title 4-04-04, Sec. 215. Temporary Sign: 

A display sign banner or other advertising device constructed of cloth, canvas, fabric or other light temporary material, with or without a structural frame intended for a limited period of display, including decorative displays for holidays, public demonstrations, business sales, promotions, relocations, etc. Portable signs, or signs that are not affixed to the ground or a structure and are readily movable shall be considered temporary signs. Sec. 1403.

Code of Ordinances Title 4-04-04. Amendment to the Code, Political Campaign Signs:

In order to balance the free speech rights of citizens regarding candidate choices or ballot measures to be decided at special, primary or general elections with the interests of the city in maintaining a safe and clean environment for its citizens, the commission adopts the following rules with respect to political campaign signs placed in residential areas: Political campaign signs placed in residential districts must be removed within 10 days following the election. Political campaign signs in residential areas shall be limited to a total of sixteen square feet exclusive of supports. Political campaign signs may not be placed upon the public right-of-way or upon any publicly owned property and may not be placed in the area of a sight triangle, as defined in Ordinance 14-02-03, so as to obstruct the sight lines of vehicles.

Code of Ordinances Title 5-02-02. Posting of Handbills, Posters and Placards.

  1. A person may not without first obtaining the consent of the owner or occupant, paste, stick, nail or post handbills, placards or posters, or make, print or mark any word, letter or advertisement of any kind upon any private house, store or other building, or upon any fence, wall, railing, telephone or electric light pole, or other private property.
  2. A person may not paste, stick, nail or mark any work, character or letter or advertisement upon any public building, bridge, fence, railing or sidewalk or any other property of another within the city except in compliance with the requirements of law in posting of legal notices. The posting of any sign, handbill, poster or placard upon public boulevards is expressly prohibited.
  3. A person may not deposit or place any handbill in or upon any vehicle. 

NDCC 16.1-10-06. Electioneering within boundary of an open polling location.

  1. An individual may not ask, solicit, or in any manner try to induce or persuade, any voter within a polling place or within one hundred feet [30.48 meters] from the entrance to the room containing a polling place while it is open for voting to vote or refrain from voting for any candidate or the candidates or ticket of any political party or organization, or any measure submitted to the people. The display upon motor vehicles of adhesive signs which are not readily removable and which promote the candidacy of any individual, any political party, or a vote upon any measure, and political advertisements promoting the candidacy of any individual, political party, or a vote upon any measure which are displayed on fixed permanent billboards, may not, however, be deemed a violation of this section.  
  2. A vehicle or movable sign of any type containing a political message as described in subsection 1 may be allowed to remain within the restricted area only for the period of time necessary for the owner or operator of the vehicle or sign to complete the act of voting. 
  3. Except as provided in subsection 1, a sign placed on private property which displays a political message may not be restricted by a political subdivision, including a home rule city or county, unless the political subdivision demonstrates a burden to the public safety.