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The Planning Division is responsible for:


The City of Bismarck's Community Development Department has planning, zoning and building inspection authority within the City of Bismarck and its extra-territorial area (ETA).  The City’s extra-territorial area (map) reflects negotiated boundaries with the City of Lincoln, Burleigh County, Apple Creek Township and Naughton Township.


The Planning Division is located on the second floor of the City-County Office Building at 221 North 5th Street.

Resources & Information

Infill and Redevelopment Plan
Map Gallery
Zoning Maps
General Documents
Downtown Bismarck Sub Area Plan
2014 Growth Management Plan

Division Staff

Kim Lee - Planning Manager
William Hutchings - Planner/Land Use Planning
Daniel Nairn - Planner/Land Use Planning
Jenna Corsiatto - Planner/HUD Grant Programs
Jenny Wollmuth - Planner/Land Use Planning
Hilary Balzum - Administrative Assistant
Sandra Bogaczyk - Office Assistant I