Non-Profit Corporation Application for State Gaming License Site Authorization

The following will need to be provided to the City of Bismarck Administration office to be considered for approval by the City Commission.

State Gaming License Site Authorization Renewal

Local or Restricted Event Permits

An organization recognized as a public-spirited organization may apply for a local permit to conduct only raffles, bingo, sports pools to be conducted throughout the year or may apply for a  restricted event permit to conduct a one-time gaming event where the organization may conduct only raffles, bingo, sports pools, paddlewheels, twenty-one, and poker. An organization may not have both a local permit and a restricted event permit at the same time. 

Under a local permit or restricted event permit, an organization may only award a primary prize that does not exceed $8,000, and total prizes of all games cannot exceed $40,000 per year.  The prize cost is determined by the retail price, even if the prize is donated. 

If an organization’s prizes will exceed the primary prize limit of $8,000 and/or exceed the $40,000 maximum per year, the organization must apply for a State Gaming License. 


State Gaming License Site Authorization applications are approved by the Board of City Commissioners after review by the Bismarck Administration Department.

Local or Restricted Event Permits are reviewed and approved through the Bismarck Administration Department.

Online Gaming

State law prohibits even a licensed organization from conducting online gaming or hosting a raffle online. Credit cards cannot be accepted as wagers for gambling, including payment for raffle tickets, etc. 

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