Fire Extinguisher Safety

We recommend that you have at least a 2A10BC extinguisher in your home. It should be mounted close to an exit between four inches and five feet off the floor. Be sure to read the directions on how to use the extinguisher and ask if you have any questions on its operation. Never try to fight the fire by yourself. Call 911 first and get out of the house if you think the fire is too large for you to extinguish.

Fire extinguishers can save lives and property if you know how to use them correctly. Because fire can grow rapidly, the best thing for most people is to get out of their home and call 911 immediately. If you decide to use a fire extinguisher be sure to keep yourself between the fire and your escape route. Only use it on small fires that are not growing rapidly. Know how to use the extinguisher before you need to use it. When you purchase an extinguisher get a 2A10BC for your home and mount it in a place close to your exit so it is easily accessible. Click on the links below for additional information.
Safety Tips
Using a Fire Extinguisher
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