Disabled Veteran Tax Credit

Disabled Veteran Tax Credit Requirements:
(See ND State Century Code 57-02-08.8 for complete requirements)

  • Veteran must have honorable discharge or be retired from the armed forces.
  • Veterans must have service connected disability of 50% or greater or extra-scheduler rating that brings the total disability rating to 100%.
  • Exemption is available to the surviving spouse of the veteran, if the veteran is deceased.
  • The exemption is equal to the percentage of the disabled veteran's certified rated service connected disability, applied against the first $180,000 of the true and full valuation of the person's homestead (effective for 2021 assessment).
  • The veteran must file with the county auditor a certificate from the United States Veterans Administration indicating the amount of the disability along with a Veterans form DD214.

Brochure available at ND Tax Department website (PDF) Program guidelines are included. 


Application Form available at ND Tax Department website (PDF)

NOTE: Provide a copy of the Form DD214 showing veteran’s honorable discharge from active military service and a certificate from the Department of Veterans Affairs certifying to the percentage of service-connected disability when claiming exemption for the first time.

If you want to read additional program guidelines, visit the ND Tax Department website here (PDF).


If you would like assistance filling out the application form or for more detailed exemption information, please contact the Assessing Division.