Request for 9-1-1 Information

Request Public Records

Any firm or individual requesting records of the Central Dakota Communications Center (CenCom) must describe the request in detail to reduce the amount of time for our staff in researching the request. The Central Dakota Communications Center (CenCom) has an Information Request Form available that when accurately completed will help staff find the requested records as efficiently and economically as possible.

Public records subject to disclosure may have details excised to the extent necessary to prevent a disclosure of information (exempt or confidential) under the open records law. In certain cases your request may be denied if the entire record is exempt or confidential and you will be given the North Dakota Century Code citation supporting the non-disclosure.


  • Copies of electronic records or audio recordings are provided for the actual cost of producing a copy. The actual cost of staff time and equipment necessary to locate and reproduce an electronic record or audio recording is $30.00 per hour. In our experience, an audio recording will cost a minimum of $30.00. Audio recordings or electronic records will be produced in CD format.
  • Paper copies of digital and printed materials will be charged at $.25 per copy.
  • Research of paper copy records will be charged at $25.00 per hour in 30 minute increments with no charge for the first hour.

For more information, contact the Central Dakota Communications Center (CenCom) at (701) 255-5200.