Together 2045


The City of Bismarck Community Development Department is conducting an update of the area’s comprehensive plan titled Together 2045 – Bismarck’s Comprehensive Plan. A comprehensive plan is used by communities as the guiding document for future growth and development of the physical, social, and economic environment of a community. The plan will set forth a variety of goals, policies, and recommendations to guide the present and future development of the Bismarck area. 

Together 2045 will address the following elements:

  • Bismarck’s Growth History
  • Community profile
  • Land Use and Urban Form (Future Land Use, Existing Neighborhoods, and Downtown)
  • Community Facilities (Schools, Parks, Intergovernmental Cooperation)
  • Transportation
  • Utilities
  • Social (Arts and Culture, Recreation, and Governance and Participation)
  • Natural Resources
  • Natural Hazards
  • Growth Management
  • Economy
  • Housing
  • Health
  • Historic Preservation
  • Public Safety

The Together 2045 logo was created as a collaborative effort with Bismarck Public Schools – Career Academy students Taylor Cook, Issac Delamotte, Bryanne Edwards, Ryan Stapleton, Hannah Stymeist and their instructor David St. Peter.

 To learn more about this comprehensive plan effort view our Frequently Asked Questions.


Project Material and Updates

Periodic updates will be provided through this website, with email notifications for those who sign up (see below). Check back here to view additional material as development of Together 2045 progresses. 

Household Survey Report: A representative survey of households in Bismarck and its extraterritorial area was administered in June 2021 to measure quality of life, transportation, housing, and attitudes regarding growth and development of the community.

A Century of Planning in Bismarck: A history of land use planning in the City of Bismarck, from the 1920s to the present, and how these plans have taken effect in the actual development of the City.

Bismarck in Context: A background report on census data comparing present and past City of Bismarck with peer communities in the region.

Overview of Street Fair Event: A summary of the public input gathered from the Downtowners' Street Fair in September 2021.

Plan Development

It is anticipated the plan will be completed in December 2022. A variety of key milestones and public engagement opportunities will occur throughout plan development.

Project Schedule Development Matrix

Public Involvement

To support the development of the plan and encourage public involvement, the Community Development Department has developed a Public Participation Plan

What is your vision for Bismarck and the surrounding area in the next 25 years? You can help influence the direction of the city’s 25-year comprehensive plan. We are just at the beginning so your input will directly impact the vision for your community! 


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