Together 2045

Download the Together 2045 Comprehensive Plan here

Plan Adoption

The City Commission held a public hearing on Together 2045: Bismarck’s Comprehensive Plan on December 27, 2022 and adopted the plan as presented. Prior to this hearing, the Planning and Zoning Commission held a public hearing on Together 2045: Bismarck’s Comprehensive Plan on November 16, 2022 and adopted the plan. The final plan is available here


Together 2045 is Bismarck’s guiding document for future growth and development of the physical, social, and economic environment. The North Dakota Century Code requires that zoning regulations for a municipality be in compliance with a comprehensive plan. The plan sets forth a variety of goals, policies, and recommendations to guide the present and future development of the Bismarck area. The plan is divided into the following elements:

Plan Elements

Interactive maps are available from links within the plan document or through the following:


Project Material and Updates

Periodic updates will be provided through this website, with email notifications for those who sign up (see below). Check back here to view additional material as development of Together 2045 progresses. 

Overview of Public Outreach Activities: This report summarizes a series of public outreach activities for Together 2045.

Land Use and Development Capacity: This report envisions future growth and development of the City of Bismarck between 2020 and 2045, uses available data to project future development scenarios that are expected to occur if current trends persist.

Rural Development Timing: This report outlines policy options regarding rural development within areas in Bismarck extraterritorial area anticipated for future urban growth.

Bismarck in Context: A background report on census data comparing present and past City of Bismarck with peer communities in the region.

Household Survey Report: A representative survey of households in Bismarck and its extraterritorial area was administered in June 2021 to measure quality of life, transportation, housing, and attitudes regarding growth and development of the community.

A Century of Planning in Bismarck: A history of land use planning in the City of Bismarck, from the 1920s to the present, and how these plans have taken effect in the actual development of the City.

Existing Land Uses: The existing land use map identifies current uses of land within the City of Bismarck and the extraterritorial area.

Name Your Neighborhood Survey Report: Results of survey to determine neighborhood names and boundaries

Plan Development

It is anticipated the plan will be completed in December 2022. A variety of key milestones and public engagement opportunities will occur throughout plan development.

Project Schedule Development Matrix

Public Involvement

To support the development of the plan and encourage public involvement, the Community Development Department has developed a Public Participation Plan. This plan has been guided and assisted by a range of community leaders, subject matter experts, and stakeholders in the community of Bismarck. Beyond those formally acknowledged in the plan, hundreds of others have offered comment and feedback throughout the process to help ensure the plan truly reflects the community’s values and vision. See Overview of Public Outreach Activities for a summary of public participation.