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Retail Alcohol Beverage License

  1. License Information:
  2. NOTE: This application must be accompanied by required fees.
    The $200 application fee is due when the application is submitted. (Fee does not apply to renewal applications)
  3. Location Information:
  4. If out of state corporation, is corporation registered in North Dakota?
  5. Correspondence Information (Where correspondence is to be sent):
  6. List all officers or director of corporation or partners and percentage of ownership:
  7. The undersigned states that the following information is true and correct.
  8. 1. Are manager and partners legal residents of the United States and the State of North Dakota, and are all officers or directors legal residents of the United States?
  9. 2. Have any of the persons listed above been convicted of any crime within the past five years?
  10. 3. Does the building meet all state and local sanitation and safety requirements?
  11. 4. Has applicant, or any of the persons listed above, within the past five years had any license to engage in sale of alcoholic beverages revoked or suspended?
  12. 5. If new application, have you ever engaged in the sale or transportation of alcoholic beverages previously?
  13. 6. Has applicant, or any of the persons listed above, within the past five years, had an application for any federal or state or local license of any type rejected or denied?
  14. 7. Is there any agreement or understanding, or proposed agreement or understanding to obtain the license for another, or to operate the business for another, or as an agent for another?
  15. 8. Has the business been sold or leased, or is there any intention to sell or lease the business to another?
  16. 9. Has the applicant, or any of the persons listed above, shown interest in whatsoever, directly or indirectly, any other license liquor establishment within or without the State of North Dakota?
  17. 10. Will the applicant, or any of the persons listed above, be engaged in any other business other than the sale of liquor under the license applied for?
  18. 11. Have all property taxes and special assessments currently due been paid?
  19. Restaurant Requirements:
  20. All applications for Class “F”, Class “I” (restaurants), Class “M” (caterer), Class “P” (event site) and Class “Q” (Restaurant On-Sale and Off-Sale) licenses MUST be accompanied by a sworn statement executed by the licensee and a certified public accountant retained by the licensee certifying that gross food sales and liquor sales for the previous calendar year meet the requirements of Chapter 5-01-04 of the City Code of Ordinances.
  21. Liquor License Site Diagram Requirements:
  22. I agree that I will not transfer or sell this license, if granted, without the prior approval of the governing body and in accordance with applicable ordinances,
  23. I also agree that should any of the information contained in this application change within the period of the license, if granted, that I will inform city officials immediately and furnish such details as may be requested by such officials concerning any such changes. I also agree that, should there be a change in ownership or management during the period of the license, prior approval of the Board of City Commissioners is required.
  24. I further agree that any misrepresentation, false statement or omission in this application shall be grounds for rejection of said application or for revocation or suspension of any license granted.
  25. By checking this box I acknowledge that I am electronically signing this liquor license application.*
  26. Mail Payments To:
    City of Bismarck Administration, 221 North 5th Street, Bismarck, ND 58501
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