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Roundabout Demonstration Project at 16th Street and Rosser Ave. Public Input Survey

  1. Roundabout Demonstration Project | Sixteenth Street and Rosser Ave. Public Input Survey

    Bismarck-Burleigh Public Health in collaboration with AARP and the city’s Engineering Department, will conduct a roundabout demonstration project at the intersection of 16th Street and Rosser Avenue. The project is designed to improve street safety and revitalize an underused park near 16th and Rosser. The demonstration project begins September 13, 2021, and will be active for about two weeks. Please take a few minutes to submit your input today!  Your input is important as we evaluate the potential viability of a roundabout traffic control device at this location for possible future implementation as a pavement rehabilitation project.

  2. 1. Did you travel through the roundabout demonstration?
  3. 2. What mode of travel did you use through the roundabout demonstration?
  4. 3. As a pedestrian, how would you describe your experience walking through the roundabout demonstration?
  5. 4. As a driver, how would you describe your experience driving through the roundabout demonstration?
  6. 5. Overall, how do you feel about roundabouts at intersections?
  7. 6. How do you feel about any or all of these changes becoming permanent? Any permanent changes would use more robust materials than those used during the demonstration project.
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