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City of Bismarck Strategic Plan - Call for Projects

  1. Call For Projects

    The City of Bismarck is currently updating its Strategic Plan to help guide the organization and the community through the next five years. Additionally, we want to look beyond the immediate horizon into the next twenty years of what can be accomplished to enhance the quality of life and opportunities in Bismarck.

  2. Strategic Planning Imagine Bismarck logo

  3. A new component of Bismarck's Strategic Plan is a set of clearly identified Strategic Focus Areas; broad operational, program or project areas that the organization chooses to focus its time, money, energy and effort on to continually advance the community towards its vision.

  4. For the purpose of this request, the City of Bismarck defines a "project" as an effort that is intended to achieve a stated goal that aligns with the identified Strategic Focus Areas.

  5. Submission Procedures

    This form must accompany all submitted projects. All proposals are required to meet the listed criteria. Please provide a thorough explanation of all project elements. Please describe the role of the City of Bismarck in the support of implementation of the proposed project. The City of Bismarck's Strategic Plan Project Team will use this information to consider the project and to provide a recommendation to the Board of City Commissioners as to which projects will be considered by the Commission for further vetting, and possible implementation and support by the City of Bismarck. All projects must be submitted in the prescribed order as listed below:

  6. Submission Format

    Project proposals may be submitted as a hard copy or electronically by submitting this form.

  7. Submission Deadline

    All submissions are due no later than Friday, May 31, 2019 at 4 P.M.

  8. 1. Contact Information

  9. Please identify the location of the proposed project.

  10. Current ownership of the property.

  11. 3. Project Type

    Mark all that apply

  12. Please provide a summary of your project and the scope of work necessary to see the project to fruition and implementation.

  13. Please specify the impact that this project will bring to the community.

  14. Please identify what aspect of your community effort the City of Bismarck can help support. Identify the need being addressed by your project. Identify the lasting impact the project will have on the community.

  15. Please identify the anticipated date of project commencement, the overall length of time necessary to complete the project, and the estimated completion date of the entire project.

  16. Please identify who will be responsible for the long-term implementation of the proposed project. Clearly identify the role of the City of Bismarck in all matters relating to the project from the onset and into future decades.

  17. With specifics, clearly address the abilities of those working toward the implementation of the project and the efforts necessary to sustain the project long-term.

  18. Clearly define the desired outcome(s) of the project and how the project will support the overall health and vibrancy of Bismarck. Identify any direct, tangible achievements that will further enhance the quality of life in Bismarck, number of jobs created, opportunities fostered, or positive outcomes that would result from the project.

  19. 11. Maximize & Utilize Existing Resources

    Utilization of existing public or private facilities, resources and opportunities is encouraged but not required.

  20. Include any supplemental information that is beneficial to the explanation of the proposed project that was not addressed in the above questions.

  21. Letters of support are welcome. When including letters, please identify key partners that will be collaborating on the project, the partners' involvement in the project and the anticipated level of support.

  22. 14. Limiting Content

    Proposals are limited to 25 pages in length. This includes all graphic materials, appendices and supporting documentation.

  23. Please attach any supporting documents related to your proposal.

  24. Hard Copy Submissions

    Please mail or hand deliver hard copies or electronic proposals to: City of Bismarck - Administration Department, 221 N. 5th St. Bismarck, ND 58501

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