Why is residential water usage on a tiered rate structure?

Our system's base level usage year round is consistently around 200 million gallons a month, however May through September typically see increased usage of up to or over 600 million gallons for greenspace irrigation. We have to invest in a system large enough to be able to produce roughly 3 times more water than we typically sell to assure safe drinking water and fire protection needs are met at all times. Lower water usage and sales in non-peak months save very little expense as most of our costs are fixed and do not go decrease proportionately to decreased usage. Year around, our system must build and maintain enough infrastructure for storage, treatment, and high-service extra pumping costs to serve the city's highest peak needs. Recent rate studies have shown that the peak demands are being largely driven by our residential irrigation users, thus billing tiers to recover appropriate costs from those users. Customers can make usage and irrigation decisions based on their needs and amount they would like to spend. 

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