Tornado Sheltering - Where and When?

Tornado shelters are not offered in our community. Citizens are highly encouraged to plan ahead for severe weather. For information regarding what to do when the sirens sound, please review our Alert and Warning Systems Brochure. The best place is in the center of the basement under a sturdy workbench or under the stairway. If you do not have a basement, go to the lowest level of a sturdy building and put as many walls between you and the outside as possible and avoid areas with exterior windows and doors. In a school or other large building, go to the lowest level and into a bathroom or a hallway near the center of the building. Stay away from large wide open rooms like an auditorium or gymnasium! All citizens need to plan ahead to identify where they will shelter during a tornado watch and warning. The city of Bismarck does not own or operate emergency tornado shelters. Those who live in mobile homes or other vulnerable structures should discuss sheltering possibilities with nearby friends, neighbors, relatives, etc. The best time to relocate to the shelter area is during a tornado watch. Do not purposely wait until a tornado warning is issued. Consider purchasing a NOAA Weather Radio to get your tornado watches and warnings as soon as possible. Even if you should happen to be sleeping, you can get the alert.

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2. Tornado Sheltering - Where and When?
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