Crisis Care Chaplaincy


The police department is served by the chaplains of the Crisis Care Chaplaincy, which is a private 501-C-3 non-profit organization. The organization consists of 1 staff chaplain and 14-16 volunteer chaplains who assist in serving the Bismarck Police Department and other area first responders. After hours if there is a need the services of our chaplaincy, please call the department and they will page the on-call chaplain.

Because first responders are secondary victims of critical incidents, chaplains are a necessary part of all departments.


Our chaplains are trained using the model of the International Conference of Police Chaplains. They serve with officers helping the public during times of personal crisis. The chaplains have been educated by the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation as the evidence based practice for crisis intervention. The chaplaincy is qualified to work in the areas of domestic violence and suicide intervention and post-vention. Our chaplaincy staff has also been trained in the National Incident Management System to work during times of mass crisis and community need.

The chaplaincy also offers training to first responders on a variety of topics.

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