Crime Prevention / Community Services

Officer Responsibilities

There are two officers and one Sergeant assigned to The Bismarck Police Department’s Crime Prevention section. All give presentations to the community on various crime prevention topics, such as bank robbery, shoplifting and personal protection; give tours of the building; and conduct security surveys of homes and businesses.

Officer Clint Fuller

Officer Clint Fuller is doing the weekly landlord reports and primarily working with residents and neighborhood groups. He is president of the Bismarck-Mandan safety council and serves on the Crisis Care Chaplaincy Board, Missouri Valley Homeless Coalition, West Central Vulnerable Adults Coalition, and the Region 7 Housing Committee.  Clint distributes crime alerts, conducts alcohol server training, gives building tours and does numerous community presentations.

Officer Pat Renz

Officer Pat Renz is the coordinator of the bike patrol program, coordinates the alarm billing, is the lead Intoxilyzer operator, works with the reports from the online-reporting system, is the primary Neighborhood Crime Watch officer and coordinates with local banks on updating information for alarm response.

Sgt. Tim Sass

The supervisor is Sgt. Tim Sass. In addition to his other duties, Tim is the Bismarck Area Crime Stopper Coordinator, Volunteer Program Coordinator, manages the Landlord Notification Program, and is the department’s Public Information Officer.