Bismarck Mounted Police

Unit Details
The Bismarck Mounted Police is an auxiliary unit of the Department that has been in existence since 1966. The members of the Mounted Police are volunteers who share an intense interest in horsemanship as well as a strong desire to provide public service to their community. Members come from all facets of community life: professionals, business people, members of the armed services, skilled tradesmen and laborers. Members of the Mounted Police participate without pay for their services.

You will most likely encounter the Mounted Police in parades or other ceremonies in which they represent their unit and the Bismarck Police Department. They are routinely requested to participate in a wide variety of events throughout North Dakota and sometimes outside the state. They have a well-deserved reputation as skilled riders and performers. The Mounted Police not only participate in public events and ceremonies, but also are available to assist with search and rescue as well as parking and crowd control as requested by the Department. To develop and maintain their skills, the Mounted Police hold a practice session each week at the Walt Neuens horse arena in south Bismarck.

The Department takes great pride in its Mounted Police Unit and is confident it will remain a viable volunteer force assisting in serving the citizens of our community. Anyone having interest in participating in the group should contact the Bismarck Police Department for further information.