Car Markers

Car markers are primarily responsible for the enforcement of parking regulations in the downtown area and assisting with parking problems throughout the city. In addition to parking enforcement, they also handle escorts and control traffic whenever necessary.

Parking Ordinances
View the Bismarck Parking Ordinances.

Parking Reminders
Vehicles can be parked on a street for no more then 48 continuous hours. After that time the vehicle is subject to being ticketed and/or towed. The vehicle must be moved at least 1,200 feet every 48 hours before being reparked on the street.

It is an offense to remove the chalk mark placed on your tire by a car marker or police officer. The possible penalty is a $1,000 fine and/or 30 days in jail.

For more information on parking in Bismarck or on car markers, contact the Police Department at (701) 223-1212.