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Property Lines

In order to find out exactly where your property lines are, you may need to have legal survey done. The city does not perform legal surveys for private properties. Property corners are usually a 1/2” iron pipe or rebar, sometimes called a property pin. They are generally 1.5' behind the back of the sidewalk (the side closest to your house) in residential areas. Anything in front of the property line is considered a street right of way. Light poles, sidewalk joints, and fire hydrants are often times located in line with the property lines. The property pins can be anywhere from a few inches to over a foot deep (if they are still there). If you can’t find your property pins you may need to hire a professional land surveyor to locate or reset them.

Lot Dimensions

The Engineering Department has records for most lots within city limits, as they were originally platted. To request a copy of the original subdivision plat for you area, you can contact the Please include your lot and block number and subdivision name or your street address.

In older areas of town (especially where the lots were originally very small) the property dimensions may have changed if parts of the property were bought or sold after the plat was recorded. You can use the online property search database located in City Finance Department’s Assessing Division webpage to find the legal description for your property and other information.