Stormwater & Flood Plain Management / Erosion


The goals of the Stormwater and Flood Plain Management programs are to:
  • Protect the quality of the bodies of water that receive stormwater runoff from the City of Bismarck. This is accomplished by minimizing the sediments and pollutants flowing into the city storm sewer system which are then discharged into waterways and wetlands, then into Hay Creek, Apple Creek, or the Missouri River.
  • Minimize wind erosion.
  • Contain the quantity of water in various facilities like curbs, channels, ditches, ponds, and pipes to keep roadways operable and properties safe (flood control).


The Engineering Department is responsible for the administration of the Stormwater Management Reports and Plans such as watershed master planning, design and construction of inlets, pipes, channels (ditches), ponds, and outfalls for development, site plans, and connections to the existing system. For more information, contact the Engineering Department at (701) 355-1505.

The Public Works Department is responsible for items related to erosion control and illicit discharges of non-storm water substances into the public stormwater system. The Public Works Department is also responsible to maintain the stormwater system of inlets, pipes, outfalls, ponds, and channels. For more information, contact the Public Works Department at 701 355-1700.

The Building Inspection Section of the Community Development Department is responsible for flood plain administration as it relates to the location of structures within the flood plain. For more information, contact the Building Inspection Section at 701 355-1465.