Water Treatment Plant

About the Treatment Plant 

  • The City takes its water from the Missouri River.
  • The water treatment plant has a staff of 16.
  • The current treatment capacity of the water treatment plant is 28.6 million gallons per day (MGD).
  • The average daily production is 9.2 MGD.
  • The average peak summer month production is 530 million gallons.
  • The average winter month production is 200 million gallons.
  • The City also supplies water to South Central Regional Water District and the City of Lincoln.
    • South Central Regional Water District’s average is 0.17 MGD.
    • City of Lincoln’s average is 0.23  MGD.

About the System 

The water distribution system is an elaborate network of approximately 320 miles of water pipe ranging in diameter from 3 inches to 42 inches, incorporating 2,900 hydrants, 5900 valves and five pump stations. Five underground reservoirs and 3 elevated tanks provide approximately 22 million gallons of water storage. 

Bismarck Water Treatment Plant "Did You Know"

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