Ash Coulee Dr 2023 Reconstruction

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Estimated Project Timeline 

The project is expected to begin in April, depending on weather. The road is expected to be fully open for traffic in October 2023. 

Project Scope 

This project will be broken into two phases and will include a reconstruction of the roadway and the addition of turn lanes, pedestrian facilities and lighting.  

Project Notes

  • Digital message boards will be used to notify the public in the areas beginning one week in advance of the street closures. 
  • This project will be completed in two phases that will allow the contractor to be more efficient. 
    • Phase 1 will see work performed on the section of Ash Coulee Drive from Tyler Parkway to East Valley Drive. 
    • Phase 2 of the project, from East Valley Drive to North Washington Street, is to be closed once school is released for summer break. This phase is expected to be reopened prior to school starting in August. During the closure of Phase 2, progress may slow in Phase 1. This is to allow the contractor to prioritize Phase 2 during the school's summer break. 
    • Work will be performed in both phases during the majority of the summer. After Phase 2 is reopened to traffic, the contractor will return focus to Phase 1 completion.  
  • The shared-use path on the north side of Ash Coulee Drive will be closed to pedestrian and bicycle traffic during the project. 
  • The pedestrian crossing at Mustang Drive will remain open while school is in session during the spring and fall. During Phase 2, the crossing will be closed. 
  • We appreciate everyone's patience in advance of, and throughout, the reconstruction project phases. 

Phase 1B Map

  1. Gabe Schell

    City Engineer

  2. City Engineering