Utility Billing Rate Schedule 2022

Public Works Utility Billing and Rates

  • All Accounts pay the minimum monthly bill.
  • Sewer Rates:  Sewer rates are based on water use as most water flows into the sewer system. Sewer is billed for each unit of water used unless the property is eligible for summer sewer averaging.
  • Summer Sewer Averaging:  A monthly average of water consumption for qualifying accounts is calculated based on water usage from the November 1st through May 1st.  This average is used during the summer months as a method designed to eliminate sewer charges for lawn and garden-watering, swimming pools and other similar spring and summer water uses. New accounts will be assigned "5 units" as the average until it can be recalculated. 
  • Summer Sewer Averaging will be reflected on your utility bills May – October.
  • Utility Service Agreement must be received in the office prior to the day you want services.

Utility Rates

On the rate schedules Storm Sewer Maintenance is shown as storm<8,000 ASF, storm 8-16 ASF and storm >16,000 ASF. 

This charge is based on the assessed square footage of the lot broken into 3 categories, less than 8,000 square feet, 8,001-16,000 square feet and greater than 16,000 square feet.

2023 Single Family Rates

2022 Multi Family Rates

2022 Non-Resident Rates

2022 Rate Scenario

Other Service Charges

24 Hour Notice: Turn On/Turn Off
No Charge
Same Day Service: Turn On/Turn Off
After hours service curb stop turn on or turn off for work on home/business (per trip).
Install or Remove Lawn Meter
Meter Check
Returned Payment Fee$30.00
Reinstatement Service Fee after Disconnection
During regular business days and hours:  
Monday through Friday from 8:30 am - 4:00 pm

Reinstatement Service Fee after Disconnection
After regular business days and hours:  
Image_1 gallon water Jugs is 1 Unit of Water