Bismarck Streets

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The mission of the Roads and Streets Department is providing high quality maintenance
services in a timely and effective manner to promote the safety and welfare of the city residents.


We have 31 employees that work in the Roads and Streets Department to provide summer and winter street maintenance services on 362 center line miles and over 1,448 lane miles of asphalt and concrete roadway street surfaces. The employees are responsible for the following:

Mailbox Placement

It is the property owner's responsibility to comply with the requirements of mailbox placement to avoid damage to mail boxes and to City equipment during snow removal and street sweeping operations. If mailboxes are not in compliance, the City will not be responsible for any repair costs to the property.

City Ordinance No. 10-05-05 does require that the poles used for the support of mailboxes, general delivery boxes or receptacles may not be less than thirty-six inches or more than forty-eight inches behind the face of the curb. The front of the mailbox must not extend beyond the curb into the street.

Mailbox Placement Diagram