Public Involvement and Participation


Public involvement and participation are important aspects of the stormwater program. The stormwater program coordinator will be working with volunteer groups concerned with stormwater. These groups will provide community perspective to the City of Bismarck’s Stormwater Program.

    Adopt an Inlet

    Bismarck's Storm Water Program is asking residents to Adopt-An-Inlet. This program encourages residents to clean off stormwater inlets located in their street or rear-yard.

    By keeping storm drains clear and free of leaves and debris, storm drains can drain properly and aide in rain water draining from city streets resulting in less standing water on your street.

    Many of our street and backyard flooding calls are directly related to stormwater inlets becoming covered with leaves, grass, and debris. Once the debris is cleared the inlets can drain properly. If you have an inlet anywhere near your home please be a good neighbor and keep it clear.