Sewer Back-Ups


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This policy will establish the conditions under which the City of Bismarck will pay for the cost of damages resulting from blockages in the sanitary sewer system.


The City of Bismarck, through its Sanitary Sewer Utility, will pay for the cost of cleanup and reimbursement for property damages resulting from sanitary sewer backups that are a result of an obstruction or blockage in the City sewer main. Damages that result from blockages or deficiencies in private sewer service lines or private sewer mains are not covered by this policy.

The City will pay for actual cleanup and restoration costs and actual present cash value for any personal property damage resulting from such sewer backups. The property owner must file a damage claim with the City Attorney’s office and provide documentation to support the claim.

The cost of claims will be paid for from an account funded by the establishment of a surcharge on the monthly sewer bill for all commercial and residential properties. The sewer backup protection is $0.30 per month for residential and commercial accounts. The charge shall be reviewed annually and adjusted as necessary by the Board of City Commissioners.

Acceptance or payment of a claim by the City is not an admission of liability or negligence on behalf of the City. Payment of a claim is not determined under principles of negligence or legal responsibility but rather is a payout from a fund that is collected by the City to relieve the financial burden that may be caused by sewer backups.

Forms for Filing Sewer Backup Claims

Online Form found here.
Printable form found here.

Don't Flush Trouble

Did you know flushing wipes down the toilet can cause problems in your home and in the City’s sewer system? “Disposable” wipes may be labeled flushable, but they can clog the sewer system, contributing to costly cleanups and may result in basement sewer backups.
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Holiday entertaining can lead to plugged sewer lines.
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Forms for Filing Sewer Backup Claims
Online Form found here.
Printable form found here.