Bismarck Central Pathway

This planning project is part of a long-term identified planning goal to connect downtown Bismarck with the existing popular Missouri River waterfront parks and trail system.

The idea for this walking and biking connection has been identified in several past planning recommendations including the 2013 Downtown Subarea Study and the 1993 Bismarck Central Business District Plan. 

In 2016, a workgroup was assembled to evaluate the feasibility of such a proposed route. This workgroup produced a recommendation document and titled the route The Bismarck Central Pathway.  The Bismarck Central Pathway workgroup evaluated numerous possible alignments and locations and highlighted criteria for the full build out. In addition, this document suggested a new way of looking at how public projects are funded and developed called the Quick Build Project Delivery Model.  
View the Bismarck Central Pathway workgroup recommendations

The pop-up pathway was a temporary “quick-build” demonstration of the recommendations of the Bismarck Central Pathway workgroup. The path was constructed along Front Avenue, Memorial Highway and Lake Avenue between South Fifth Street and Riverside Road. It was open to the public from September 23rd to October 14th, 2017.

This project created a demonstration of the proposed pathway, utilizing temporary materials such as straw bales and traffic cones, paint, and way finding to highlight the benefits of the connection and demonstrate a new active transportation and recreation option.
Overview and Map

The City of Bismarck 
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Bismarck Parks and Recreation
Bismarck-Burleigh Public Health 
Bismarck Downtowners

This pop-up pathway demonstration project was made possible for the community due to the generous support from AARP. They have provided a grant to cover all costs related to the implementation as well as marketing and event coordination.


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