The Department currently has three K-9 teams assigned to the Patrol Section. Sgt. Lyle Sinclair is the Commander of the K-9 Unit.

Patrol Responsibilities

Patrol Teams are used for a variety of reasons to include: building searches, area searches, evidence searches, tracking for missing/lost/escaped subjects, and protection. These canines are highly trained and are able to respond to a wide variety of incidents with the primary objective being to protect the "human" officer and citizens.

Public Demostrations

The K-9 Unit also performs public demonstrations, upon request, of the canines abilities. These demonstrations are not only for entertainment but to also provide positive community relations between the Police and the Public which we serve.

Sass 4

K9 Oscar

Oscar is an eight-year-old Belgian Malinois and began working with Sgt. Tim Sass in 2013.  Oscar was born in Holland and all of his commands are in Dutch.  He is trained as a patrol and narcotic detection K9.  In 2013, he was inducted into the ND Animal Hall of Fame.  Oscar enjoys swimming in the river and lying in the sun on his days off.
Sal 2

K9 Bala

Bala is a two-year-old female Belgian Malinois who was born in Europe and selected from Shallow Creek Kennels in February 2015.  Bala and Officer Salander were trained in Bismarck.  Bala is Bismarck's first female Malinois, but third female patrol dog overall.  Bala was the Top Rookie Dog in 2015.  Her favorite hobby is biting Sgt. Sinclair.
Fetz 1

K9 Luna

Luna is a six-year-old Dutch Shepard from Holland.  She began her career with Lt. Chad Fetzer in 2012.  Luna is trained and certified in narcotics detection, tracking, evidence recovery and criminal apprehension.  Luna was the 2014 North Dakota Professional Animal of the Year and was inducted into the North Dakota Animal Hall of Fame in 2014.  Luna was named "top dog overall" at a regional K9 competition in Camp Ripley Minnesota in 2014.  Luna and Lt. Fetzer have over 400 career patrol deployments as a K9 team.