Document Resources

  • Arboricultural Specifications and Standards Of Practice
    • As authorized by City Ordinance Title 13, Arboricultural Specifications and Standards of Practice, regulates the planting, maintenance, removal, fertilization, pruning, and bracing of trees on the boulevards or other public sites in the City of Bismarck, with the approval of the Forestry Advisory Board.
  • Title 13 - Trees and Vegetation
    • Title 13 offers definitions regarding trees and vegetation, regulations on tree and weed control methods.
  • Tree and Shrub Improvements
    • Tree and shrub improvements cover every topic dealing with contract work from the bidding process to the final inspection and payment.
  • Landscaping and Screening Ordinance
    • "The purpose of these regulations are to maintain the City’s quality and character by enhancing its visual appearance through the use of landscaping; to screen off-street parking areas and exterior storage areas from view of persons on public streets and adjoining properties; provide buffer areas between land uses of differing intensity; and encourage the planting of trees and other plant materials throughout the community that are native or generally suitable for this area."
  • City of Bismarck Street Tree Resource Analysis
    • "This analysis combines results of a 2002 citywide inventory with benefit-cost modeling data to produce four types of information: Resource structure (species composition, diversity, age distribution, condition, etc.), Resource function (magnitude of environmental and aesthetic benefits), Resource value (dollar value of benefits realized) and Resource management recommendations (sustainability, pruning, planting)."