Recycling Drop Site Consolidation

Bismarck has relocated neighborhood residential recycling drop sites to one, consolidated location at the Bismarck landfill effective November 13, 2018. Due to contamination issues at the neighborhood recycling drop sites, the Bismarck City Commission chose to relocate the recycling drop sites to the landfill.

The consolidated residential recycling drop site is located south of the parking lot and west of the scale house. The recycling drop site at the Bismarck landfill will operate during regularly scheduled business hours.

Residential Curbside Recycling Collection

The City of Bismarck offers single-sort curbside recycling for single family and duplex homes. Drop off location is also available for residents.  NOTE:  The drop site location is for residential use only - NOT for commercial use!

Single-Sort Recycling

Single-sort recycling makes it easy to recycling. All recyclables collected in one can.

Recycling Service

The City of Bismarck has contracted with Waste Management, Inc. for the collection of recyclable material through curbside recycling and recycling drop site location.

Curbside Recycling

Single-sort recycling will be collected every other week between 6:00 am and 5:00 pm on your designated service day. Recycling may be set out the evening before your collection day. Recyclable material outside the container will not be picked up.
Schedule and Map for Curbside Recycling Collection

Single-Sort Recycling Brochure
Single Sort Recycling Drop Off Location
Single-Sort Recycling Items We Accept


Curbside Recycling video
Materials Recovery Facility video - How used items become new
Recycle often, Recycle right!
Recycling and Materials Recovery Facility "MRF" video - How recycled items are reused

Container used for curbside recycling

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